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  • Slow Performance on API call

    May 08, 2019 01:43 PM|Manusan|LINK


    Getting the slow response for the API call, FRT shows it happening during the getting response header. Please help to troubleshoot

    <div class="content-container"> <div class="hidden" id="section_compact">
    141. AspNetHttpHandlerEnter 12:12:58.947
    142. GENERAL_SET_RESPONSE_HEADER HeaderName="Cache-Control", HeaderValue="private", Replace="true" 12:13:08.900
    143. GENERAL_SET_RESPONSE_HEADER HeaderName="X-AspNet-Version", HeaderValue="4.0.30319", Replace="true" 12:13:08.900
    144. AspNetHttpHandlerLeave
    </div> </div>