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  • Re: IIS8 PHP Remote MySQL Connection Timeout

    Mar 14, 2019 11:03 AM|Keatran|LINK

    Are you joking right?

    Ping is an ICMP request when MySQL uses TCP (even windows firewall by default block all ICMP and still allow Specific TCP Ports) further to that Iknow the windows server can talk to the DB server because WORKBENCH IS WORKING. as that screenshot shows. So ping does not show anything about a connection to the server via the internet i know for a Fact that the Database Server does not respond to ICMP ping requests.

    The IIS Server with PHP installed is the same server I'm using workbench on, so I know that this server can connect to the Database Server. It seems to be IIS or PHP IIS Configuration that is broken, but this is using the defaults from Web Platform Installer.