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  • ARR + WebSocket: error when server behind reverse proxy closes websocket

    Feb 07, 2019 02:19 PM|fanste|LINK


    I've setup ARR via URL rewrite to forward requests to different backend servers based on the application path. The applications on one of those servers use websockets. Everything works okay as long as the server does not close the web socket. Connecting, sending and receiving data and even a client side socket close will be handled correctly.

    I've created a Failed Request Trace which indicates some read operations after the websocket has been closed.

    74. GENERAL_FLUSH_RESPONSE_END BytesSent="348", ErrorCode="The operation completed successfully. (0x0)"
    75. WEBSOCKET_SEND_CLOSE_START Status="1000", Reason="session expired"
    77. GENERAL_RESPONSE_ENTITY_BUFFER Buffer="%88%11%03%E8"
    78. GENERAL_RESPONSE_ENTITY_BUFFER Buffer="session expired"
    79. GENERAL_FLUSH_RESPONSE_END BytesSent="19", ErrorCode="The operation completed successfully.
    80. GENERAL_READ_ENTITY_END BytesReceived="0", ErrorCode="The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request. (0x800703e3)"
    81. WEBSOCKET_READ_FRAGMENT_END_NOT_SUCCESS ErrorCode="The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request. (0x800703e3)"
    82. GENERAL_REQUEST_END BytesSent="1030", BytesReceived="677", HttpStatus="101", HttpSubStatus="0"

    Line 74 is the last sent message via server -> proxy -> client which succeeded.

    Line 75 is the server side close of the websocket because the HTTP session timed out.

    Line 80 performs some final read operations(?) on the already closed socket.

    The currently installed used versions (DLL versions reported by resource monitor of the running w3wp.exe):

     - rewrite.dll: 7.1.1993.2351

     - requestRouter: 7.1.1988.0

     - websocket.dll: 10.0.14393.0

     - iiscore.dll: 10.0.14393.1532

    Running on IIS10 (10.0.14393.0) on Windows Server 2016 (1607 14393.2724)

    Do you have any ideas what is going on? Looks like a bug to me.

    Below you can find a trace, when the client closed the connection.

    37. GENERAL_READ_ENTITY_END BytesReceived="8", ErrorCode="The operation completed successfully. (0x0)"
    38. GENERAL_REQUEST_ENTITY Buffer="%88%82oA*%A2l%A8"
    39. WEBSOCKET_RECEIVED_CLOSE Status="1001", Reason=""
    41. WEBSOCKET_SEND_CLOSE_START Status="1001", Reason=""
    43. GENERAL_RESPONSE_ENTITY_BUFFER Buffer="%88%02%03%E9"
    44. GENERAL_FLUSH_RESPONSE_END BytesSent="4", ErrorCode="The operation completed successfully. (0x0)"
    46. GENERAL_FLUSH_RESPONSE_END BytesSent="0", ErrorCode="The operation completed successfully. (0x0)"
    47. GENERAL_REQUEST_END BytesSent="284", BytesReceived="685", HttpStatus="101", HttpSubStatus="0"

    Thanks in advance.