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  • Re: HttpPlatformHandler and REMOTE_USER

    Feb 06, 2019 10:57 AM|Malosh|LINK

    I' ve encountered the same problem. Getting IIS -> httpPlatformHandler -> Rails server (Redmine) -> SSO (via plugin) to work together seems almost impossible. Everything is running fine, authentication works, only the REMOTE_USER and other variables like it (AUTH_USER, LOGON_USER) get lost during the IIS -> Redmine transfer in HttpPlatformHandler. Using URL rewrite module and others like it to create new custom header with needed value doesn't seem to work for it runs before user authenticates, so REMOTE_USER is not filled up yet. 
    I've set passWindowsAuth to "true" and it passed me a header HTTP_X_IIS_WINDOWSAUTHTOKEN with value 228.
    Any idea what that might mean? Or how to extract user identity out of it? This looks like a dead end...