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  • Re: Maximum Concurrent Connections - What is the true value?

    Nov 09, 2018 08:45 PM|VincentW|LINK

    It looks like HTTP error logging is not enabled on my server so I can't confirm if I it was a "ConnLimit" by looking at the log.  However, I did confirm that the server was generating too many connections when executing a specific report. 

    I suspected a particular report, and while watching the performance monitor showing both the current connections (which bounced around between 30 and 100) and the maximum connections which was showing 1155, I executed the report and sure enough the current connections value started to climb and within about 15 seconds it had passed the red line and my server started giving the "Service is unavailable error".  So that tells me that the 1155 is the actual maximum connections before bad things happen.

    And it sounds like you're saying that the 1155 is the application pool connection limit (not the site limit) which is actually defined by Queue Length.  Except the Queue length on my application pool is still set at 1000, which is the default.  So where does that 1155 come from?

    EDIT:  I just noticed that I originally posted that value as 1138 yet today it's showing 1155.  (I thought the number sounded different)  So apparently this is not a static value.  I'm guessing its calculated somehow.