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  • Re: IIS 6 showing up on Windows 7

    Aug 28, 2018 01:31 PM|Jack_Tauson|LINK

    EDIT:  PLEASE IGNORE THE BELOW QUESTIONS. It started working for me after I disabled and restarted my computer. The Default Site appeared. 


    Hi Jack_Tauson,

    You had mentioned that,"I don't see the IIS web page on the browser after typing  http://localhost on the browser "

    First Check and conform that you had install the IIS properly.

    Then try to open IIS Manager.

    Click on Default Web Site and try to browse the site using option below.

    Are you able to see the default page for IIS?

    If not, Did you got any error message?

    If yes, Then try to inform us about that error message.

    If you think that port number 80 is not available then try to change the port number for default site from bindings and check after that you are able to access it or not.

    Let us know about your testing results. It can help us to understand the issue in better way.



    Hi Deepak,

    Thanks for your reply.

    1) I checked whether IIS is installed properly or not by typing "inetmgr" in the "Run" and I got the IIS screen. I am assuming it's installed properly. The reason I am assuming is because when I checked it in the "ControlPanel->Programs->Uninstall a program " section, I didin't see it.

    2)The "Default" website thing you mentioned with a small screenshot, could you tell me where can I find it to test it? With the IIS screen open from the previous step, I tried accessing http://localhost on the browser but it
    didn't work. I am assuming, you were referring it to be present under Sites folder/option. There isn't any Default website option listed there. I tried creating one using "Add Web Site.." option and got stuck here with the following error (screenshot below):

    I tried researching the error and found this thread ( and tried the steps mentioned by Manoj Gupta there. Right clicked on the  only one Application Pool listed there and clicked on view applications option and couldn't find anything else as shown in the screenshot below:

    3) As other user has mentioned, "IIS 6 Management Compatibility" is something different than "IIS 6", does this mean that I have IIS 7 installed on my machine? Could you explain why it shows IIS 6 then?