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  • Re: IISRESET results in W3SVC stuck in stopping status after July 2018 patches

    Jul 17, 2018 06:47 AM|NiclasL|LINK



    I applied these updates to two 2012 Essentials (non R2) servers on Friday evening.  Bother exhibited the hung W3SVC problem about 3 hours later immediately after attempting an IISRESET.

    The patches applied were KB40544542, KB4338830, KB4338421 and KB438418

    I have removed KB40544542 and KB438418 so far but the problem still occurs.

    Unable to stop/fix the W3SVC hang, which impacts the Essentials dashboard and knock out the Remote Access Gateway too.  The only fix has been to reboot.

    In my case, both of these servers have IIS pages that connect to an access database so I do have 32 bit mode enabled, but I don't think that is relevent in this case.

    Last night I tried to shutdown W3SVN using NET STOP WAS .. but it hung on W3SVC reporting a 1051 error


    I wonder did you read the entire post or just skip to the bottom? The answers you seek are in this thread.

    The KB that causes the issue is 4338830, none which you have removed. And MS also released an update, see above, that may resolve the issue with 4338830, but so far I have seen no verification.