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  • Re: IISReset Issues after July 2018 Patches

    Jul 14, 2018 10:44 AM|NiclasL|LINK

    We are seeing the same issue across all our servers after the July patch. It is very obvious it was caused by it, because server show the behavior 24h after the patch reboot happened. As we restart some IIS app every 24h, and the first restart after the patch update has issues.

    The problem is you can reboot the machine, and run as many net start stop w3svc or iisreset as you'd like and it works. It only happens after a certain amount of runtime, so something is triggering something that causes an issue at shudown.

    We have another, probably related issue, we have a java process that won't release its HTTP WS port (jetty). The process will be stuck and cannot be killed, just like svchost and just like svchost the port is not bindable even if it isn't shown in netstat -an. And just like svchost it needs some runtime before this happens. After a clean reboot you can restart he java process as much as you'd like, after about 1h runtime it hits the issue.

    We are still trying to get a reliable repro so we can experiment.

    Point being, I don't think this is an IIS issue, I think it is a windows TCP networking stack issue, or possible a HTTP sys issue.

    I can grab any kind of dump if given some instructions exactly how and what.