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  • Re: hyperlink parameter in .asp

    Feb 01, 2018 01:09 PM|gcqji|LINK

    Yuk Ding:

    Actually, I think I have confused the question, as the size of the query is no longer relevant. The important question is how to change or provide a hyperlink parameter in a link that is present in an .asp (classic) page that will enable the user to wind up at another .asp page ,where it automatically opens to the same record (where there is no need to re-enter a code to open the 2nd .asp page).

    I think I may have to wait until my sample website is up and running, so that I can show you a sample of what I am talking about...??

    The forum did not allow my question, as they said it did not belong within They suggested the classic .asp forum to help me with this...that's why I am here asking you.

    Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate an active, FrontPage-related forum that I can turn to help with my still-very-active, and productive FP website issue, which I want to resolve now, as I have to go through the learning curve of transitioning over to and VS.

    Can you help?