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  • Re: Output buffering in PHP in IIS 8.5

    Jan 09, 2018 01:54 PM|bmcn99|LINK

    PHP has it's own config file and there are some parameters that govern output buffering, but we have set them to output immediately, and it works as intended on my local apache setup.

    I did a test where I output ~2MB of text while processing and IIS does update the screen at some point before it finishes, so there should be a setting that governs what that value is. I would assume that if it is not set in the IIS config file that it is still accessible elsewhere, is this not the case?

    Also would it be possible for you to share your config file? Ours is in use on a live server so I would not like to start fiddling with it and guessing the proper format for setting that value.