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  • Re: PHP 7.2 and future of WinCache

    Oct 04, 2017 04:19 PM|DRUE|LINK

    I've discovered after testing the speed of installing and deleting the Jetpack WordPress plugin, reroute_enabled actually slows things down by a few seconds if it is ON.

    Install speed OFF: 13-14 seconds

    Install speed ON: 16-17 seconds

    Delete speed OFF: 3-4 seconds

    Delete speed ON: 6-7 seconds

    Any insight as to why? I question the usefulness of the feature if it doesn't speed things up.

    Furthermore, I also disabled WinCache entirely and the "OFF" speeds above remained consistent as to what was showing with WinCache enabled and file cache on. Has PHP finally figured out how to speed up their code without WinCache being there to help?