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  • Re: PHP 7.2 and future of WinCache

    Sep 06, 2017 11:03 PM|DRUE|LINK



    Are you going to fix the issues with reroute_enabled and WordPress?

    To which issue are you referring?  I'm not aware of an issue with reroute_enabled + WordPress.  Please send reports/links to me via private message.

    I've heard of issues with reroute_enabled + Drupal, but nothing about WordPress.  I'm investigating the Drupal issues as time permits.


    Is this setting useful in any way?

    If you are working off a local file system (an actual disk on the local machine), then not so much.  However, if you are working on a network drive or remote file system, then reroute_enabled absolutely makes a difference. 

    The challenge with reroute_enabled is there are dozens of file-related PHP functions, and WinCache only hooks the most frequently used ones to improve performance.  Over the past few years I've added hooks for a couple more, just to get WordPress and a couple of other frameworks to work.  However, if your PHP code uses other, unhooked I/O functions in combination with hooked functions, then you'll get inconsistent views of the file system, and that's ultimately what causes things to go sideways.



    Out of curiosity, what would happen if opcache.enable_file_override and reroute_enabled were both on?

    opcache.enable_file_override hooks file_exists, is_file, and is_readable.

    If both are on, will bad things happen, or will only one override handler be used? (Which?)