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  • Re: IIS Windows Authentication prompts for site pages multiple times, authPersistSingleResponse=f...

    May 12, 2017 02:14 AM|Ken Schaefer|LINK


    As to the last section of XML, I think those are the Server settings, which match the Authentication configuration of the server itself.  The location I found them in was:

    Thanks for clarifying. So basically you are finding all these settings in applicationHost.config file, and the last snippet you posted is also from that file? In which case, you're right that these are the default server level settings.

    Have you looked in the IIS log files to see what's being sent to the client? You should see 401 (in the sc-status column) for Access Denied responses from the server, which would then prompt the browser to pop-up the credentials dialogue.

    Are you able to post a snippet from the logs that shows a the behavior sequence you were telling us about (requests where the prompt appeared vs. didn't? or where the user has clicked cancel?)