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  • IIS8.5: PHP/Wordpress rights to write files

    Apr 20, 2017 06:57 AM|Irgendware|LINK

    Hello IIS Community
    I am running a Windows Server 2012 R2 Server, which is Hosting several ASP.NET site and two wordpress sites.
    The PHP Version is 5.6.20

    When we are trying to install a plugin or an update we get an error e.g. like 
    "Warning! Could not update D:\Websites\...\wp-config.php!"

    So far I configured each site to use its own application pool using this manual:
    And I gave read and write Access to the apppool user, as I would do with an ASP.NET Website, too.

    In phpinfo I am seeing now the correct Appool ID is used in variable APP_POOL_ID.
    Whats a Little bit strange is that USERNAME is COMPUTERNAME$ instead of IIS Apppool\Apppoolname

    So I made a test and created a new file using fopen, there I see the owner of the file is IUSR.

    My question:

     - So does it mean my site is running as IUSR instead of Appool User?
     - How can I achieve using the Appool user in PHP?

    Thanks for any help