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  • What about running WordPress on IIS ?

    Feb 01, 2017 10:39 PM|bradleyrogers2|LINK

    We have an existing wordpress website.  The goal is to use IIS to serve the site instead of Apache and MAMP (which currently runs on another machine, works fine)

    I was able to get a basic wordpress site up from scratch, but there seems to be 2 bugs, on the installer it asks for the MySQL admin pwd before its been setup, and then there is a 2M file upload size, and we have 5-7MB files, then the Import xml file is even larger.  I got around uploading themes by placing the in place.  but no luck importing the other site by xml.

    Other people have asked and the usual thing is:  change the setting in php.ini  but there is NONE.   in the WebMatrix settings I checked everything, and enabled hidden files.  tried setting the variable for upload size, no it stays at 2M

    But is there any other solution?  we are launching a brand new site that we hope to be active and supported for at least 5 years, more likely over 10 years.

    Can anyone comment on whether it will be safe to setup a new website based on wordpress, hosted by IIS on a Windows2012 Server?  We also have 2008 Server.  I read a Forum post saying support ends in 2017?

    What about WordPress on IIS?     My platform of choice is but this site was done many years ago and is now running on wordpress, we are upgrading it with a new theme and more content