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  • Re: Configure Request Header Authentication in Nexus with IIS

    Nov 10, 2016 10:32 AM|Mario Majcica|LINK

    Hi Yuk,

    I am a bit confused. Let's see if I understood. Client browser makes the initial request towards my IIS hosted site that acts as proxy at port 80. IIS handles the authentication and if successful, then IIS forwards this request towards another webserver (Jetty) running on the same machine on the port 8081. At this moment IIS should add another header in the request he is making to the service on 8081. Header should contain the name of the previously authenticated user. Then the service running on 8081 sends a replay to IIS, which should rewrite URL's in the response and send the response to the client that originated the request. What are the necessary parts to be configured on IIS to achieve something similar?