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  • Re: Configure Request Header Authentication in Nexus with IIS

    Nov 08, 2016 07:14 AM|Mario Majcica|LINK

    Dear Yuk,

    There is nothing to be supported. The only thing is that IIS should work as a revers proxy which handles the authentication and in process forwards the name of the authenticated user in a request header.

    I maybe should be more specific about my question, which I may formulate in the following way.

    How to setup IIS ARR or a URL Rewrite module (not sure about the precise module that will handle it) in order to route all of the request to IIS on the same server, to route all of the requests from the port 80, to port 8081?

    During the routing a header to the request should be added and should contain the name of the user that IIS authenticated during the initial request.

    Any tips about on how to achieve this?