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  • Arr reverse proxy does not work at server level

    Oct 28, 2016 01:03 PM|kkkkkk|LINK

    I have a few websites on iis, then I have a self hosted site. I Want forward a special host to this selfhosted site. I created rewrite rules at server level, it always give me 404.
    Finally I have to enable a default website which catch all hosts, but doing nothing. And it worked. It is as if iis has to forward the request to this site, then the URL rewrite rule can kick in, then got forwarded to somewhere else.
    As soon as I disable the default site, the proxy stopped working.
    I just don't want to enable the default sites just for proxy, that's lame.
    Why can't we have server level proxy, why does it have to attach to a site!
    Oddly, server level proxy works fine for me on another server with win2012.