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  • IIS Management Console vs SMTP email enableSSL attribute

    Aug 03, 2016 03:44 PM|perreaultd|LINK


    I've look around many posts here and none seems to really talk about the issue where i am wondering if there is a specific reason why the IIS UserInterface Console cannot handle the enableSSL attribute from an web.config file.

    Many posts explains to developer how easy it is to enable SSL through the web.config file (in plain text).

    None explains why it has to be that way...

    ISV ships application to customer where they need to configure 90% of the smtp relay (like gmail or O365) into the user interface then needs to go into text file to add an attribute to the web.config file (hope users know how/where to add the attribute).

    Then user cannot go back into the IIS section to change settings like credentials because the section won't load because of the unknown attribute.