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  • Considering using Webmatrix + WordPress...but no docs?

    Feb 21, 2016 10:01 AM|guaser|LINK

    Hey all, newcomer, first post so please excuse me for a possible recurring, annoying overdone post...

    The thing is I was considering using Webmatrix 3 to work locally on developing Wordpress sites, but as I wanted to get my hands on it and document myself, and learn, I can't seem to find any information about it.

    I've clicked all the links in Webmatrix site (learning, How to's etc...) and they all reuslt in an Error Page. I tried to surf the site, plus webmatrix' help icon, no links, error pages, not a hint where to find documentation or guides Cry

    I even tried some 3rd party links (some bloggers' articles, walkthroughs) and they too seem to have deleted their posts / articles...!

    Am I being THAT unlucky,? Or is Webmatrix UX so shady? Do I have to think Webmatrix (+ Wordpress?) is going to be left aside or something?

    Thank you for throwing any light on this and have a great day all!