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  • Http Platform Handler 500 Error Status

    Jan 23, 2016 10:19 AM|geeee|LINK

    I trying to debug a MVC 6 site on IIS 10. I have installed v1.2 x64 Platform Handler as required and followed all the steps to setup the correct application pool and Unlock the web handler section in IIS etc etc.

    Requests to the site return a 500 Error. The site runs correctly on IIS Express

    I turned on Failed Request Tracing which generated a log file ( all 3000 lines of it) for the request. In this entire file, there is only one warning which is that their was a 500 error on the httpPlatformHandler - on the EXECUTE_REQUEST_HANDLER. 

    So, its taken 2 days to eventually get IIS to tell me something the browser told me in seconds. 

    Is their no other way to debug a 500 error?


    iis failedrequestlog aspnet5