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  • Re: New GUI tool for MS Log Parser, Log Parser Lizard

    Jun 08, 2015 12:00 PM|lizardlabs|LINK

    Hello everybody :)

    I’ve just realized that I haven’t updated the thread with information about Log Parser Lizard updates for a very long time (actually from version 3.5). Last month we released a new major version of LPL 5.0.  There is a large list of most important new features and improvements in versions 4.x and 5.0:

    • Completely redesigned user interface
    • New cod editor with much better support for syntax highlighting and auto complete (for MS Logparser and Google BigQuery code).
    • New Input Formats:
      • Excel file reader,
      •  HTML Table reader,
      •  Microsoft Visual Basic .Net,
      •  C# .Net,
      •  Powershell,
    •  Ultimate Dates Table and
    •  Regular Expression Enhanced
    • Pivot Chart is added in a Pivot Greed window for quick data visualization
    • Numerous other user-interface and performance improvements and minor bug fixes.
    • Automatically send emails with attachments to default email address.
    • Auto run queries.
    • New keyword “--LL PROPS: ” for setting query options in the query.  Now you can use different input types in single command (in combination with data set operations GO, MERGE, etc…). You can also put the parameters from a button on a toolbar
    • New help documentation
    • New Excel inspired styles in Data Grid (right click on a column for the options)
    • Customizable Data Grid, Pivot Grid and column properties
    • Improved Excel exporter (grouped rows will be grouped in the Excel too, not just list of all rows)
    • New keywords to merge, join, group queries (these can be very useful since the merged datasets can be used in Dashboards and Reports):
      •  GO - create tables in single dataset without relation (useful in dashboard and reports)
      • MERGE - merge tables in one
      • LPL_UNION - same as MERGE
      • LPL_INTERSECT - intersection of two tables
      • LPL_PRODUCT - product of two tables
      • RELATION_ON_FIRST_COLUMN - create tables in single dataset and try to create a relation on first column (must be of same data type)
      • RELATION_ON_SAME_COLUMNS - create tables in single dataset and try to create a relation on all columns with same name
      • JOIN_ON_FIRST_COLUMN - joins results of two tables in another one on the first column
      • JOIN_ON_SAME_COLUMNS - joins tables on the columns with the same name


        SELECT DISTINCT EvenetType FROM System 


        SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM System      

    There are also changes in paid version. Now LPL 5.0 is available in two editions:  Standard Edition and Professional Edition (we offer 15 days trial for free for both editions - find more info on the site). Standard edition can export or print data in various formats (Excel, PDF, Rtf, Html, etc...) and Pivot Table. Professional edition has a new Dashboard Designer with a number of new features and visualizations (Maps, Charts, Tables, Gauges, Pivot Tables, Cards, etc…) and a new WYSISWG Report Designer.

    Please go to http://www.lizard-labs.com/log_parser_lizard.aspx and download some of the products. Your feedback is important. We are always looking for ways to improve our software and services. Please send any suggestions, complaints or compliments - the former two are critical to improving our software and the latter gives us the energy to implement your ideas.

    Thanks again to all who use and support Log Parser Lizard all these years by buying, blogging or spreading the word on social networks (please continue to do so :). I’m very happy to see that LPL is used by thousands of users and that this thread has around 6.5 million views so far :)

    Lizard Labs


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