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  • Win 8.1 IIS 8.5 PHP Error - Call to undefined function mysql_connect()

    Mar 12, 2015 01:27 PM|cgtrman|LINK

    Windows 8.1 IIS 8.5 php 5.4.24 MySQL 5.5. I used the MS Web Platform Installer 5.0 to install php, mysql

    I can go to http://localhost and view my phpInfo() page. However, when I try to go to the default login page http://localhost/xyz/default.php, I get this error: "Call to undefined function mysql_connect()"

    The line in the code throwing the error looks like this:

    $XYZ['db_connect'] = mysql_connect($XYZ['db_host'],$XYZ['db_user'],$XYZ['db_password']);

    Any ideas are appreciated.