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  • App pool Model Process / FastCGI

    Jan 15, 2015 04:37 PM|jmerice|LINK

    Good Evening,

    Between the application pool - Process Model (idle time-out) and fastcgi application (ActivityTimeout), what is the difference? And who wins?

    What would be the behavior of a script with the following values:

    Assume you are uploading a file of size 'X' It Takes 500 MB and second to upload it (Assuming PHP is configured to allow juste upload of files and so the size of 'X' est MB allowed) and below-you-have value for the timeouts:

    idle time-out (pool) = 1
    ActivityTimeout (FastCGI) = 501
    RequestTimeout (FastCGI) = 501

    The script works or not.

    Despite a lot of reading, I do not find a clear answer on this.

    This is the application pool (w3wp.exe) that creates the php-cgi.exe process with the values of the application pool process model?

    There are two process model in the pool and fastcgi application ...
    I'm lost :)

    thank you