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  • Re: IIS 7.5 adding 'Document Moved' content when 'Location' header is present

    Aug 19, 2014 02:51 PM|kentbrockman|LINK


    try configuring PHP to go through the ISAPI FastCGI interface

    This can't be the solution [I tried a little, didn't get it to work]. Why does IIS has to add html content and even change the MIME-type? There is just no reason for that. This behaviour breaks so much software.

    ATM I'm trying to get OwnCloud run on my IIS 8.5 machine, but the contacts webinterface is not working because of this bug. It relies on correct HTTP headers with json content appended. The only solution seems to be using a custom location header and a rewrite rule...

    Would be happy for a real fix (stop IIS changing the HTTP answers).