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  • trying to understand SS Format sdk

    Jul 30, 2014 11:26 AM|chandar175|LINK

    I’m using IIS Media Service 4.0, SS Format SDK 1.0 beta 2 and VS2010.I’ve read through MSDN docs, various blogs/forums/mux example in SDK and just need to confirm my understanding of what I need to do to push out a live stream.Scenario:
    I have a live stream with audio/video that is encoded in appropriate codecs for SS

    I have a single Live Smooth Streaming publishing point setup on a machine
    here is the sequence of my app:
    Call SSFMuxCreate to create a mux
    Call SSF MuxSetOption (for various options with one being for live stream).
    Call SSFMuxAddStream for audio, video
    Create WinHttp request object for each stream (Audio, Video) with chunked transfer encoding

    Call SSFMuxGetHeader for audio, video . To send this use the WinHttp request object created in above step.
    Process the encoded audio, video individually and call SSFMuxProcessInput for each
    At the appropriate time, call SSFMuxProcessOutput for each of the streams (audio, video)
    For each of the buffers returned from SSFMuxProcessOutput, send them to my live smooth streaming publishing point send this using WinHttp request object created in above step.
    When the stream has ended, call SSFMuxGetIndex and send result to publishing point using WinHttp request object created in above step for each stream (video, Audio)
    When I open my http connection that I will send my chunked encoded packets to, I’ll use the URL of the publishing point I created on IIS. For example:
    Vedio - http://servername/publishpoint.isml/Stream(vedio0)
    Audio - http://servername/publishpoint.isml/Stream(audio0)

    Do i need to use the same WinHttp object to send output from SSFMuxGetHeader, SSFMuxProcessOutput, and SSFMuxGetIndex for each stream individually.
    or i will have to POST SSFMuxGetHeader output close Http connection.
    create long running POST request to send chunked output from SSFMuxProcessOutput.
    and at the end of the stream send output of SSFMuxGetIndex on the same long running POST request.

    AM I correct in that
    Any feedback/corrections will be greatly appreciated!!!!!