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  • Re: New GUI tool for MS Log Parser, Log Parser Lizard

    Jun 05, 2014 10:47 AM|lizardlabs|LINK

    Hi everybody. It’s been some time since the last time I posted here. I was busy working on different stuff and had little time for interneting about this log parser GUI.

    Anyway, now I want to announce here that Log Parser Lizard version 3.5 (upgrade from v3.0) was released recently. A few bugs are fixed and the only major new feature is that you can use Google BigQuery service from Log Parser Lizard. You can write and execute queries, browse results, draw charts, export to Excel and PDF… the usual query management and data visualization features that LPL 3.0 already have.

    So if you are using (or is planning to use) Google’s Big Data (particularly Big Query) services to process their large log files (IIS or not – doesn’t meter), with Google's servers doing all the big data heavy lifting, then you may upgrade to LPL 3.5 to be able to fly through vast data sets with all the visualization options they're accustomed to in the software.

    You can read more (if you are still not familiar with the software) and download LPL 3.5 from here:


    If you are not using Google BigQuery, you do not have to rush for an upgrade but wait for LPL 4.0 instead. Lately we've worked hard to make your log parsing experience even better by using Log Parser Lizard as a front-end GUI (rewriting a lot of code from scratch in the process). Unfortunately the release date is still unknown. The following release will have much more new features and completely new and improved user interface. I also want to mention here that I’m always happy to hear new ideas and suggestions from the community, so feel free to send us an email or post your idea on Lizard Labs support portal on how to improve LPL further (or at least just say hi and tell us why you love log parser and LPL :)

    Again, thank you all who are using and supporting Log Parser Lizard.

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