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    Re: Function reroute not working

    Jun 03, 2014 04:38 PM|DropPhone|LINK

    I just looked at the source code, and apparently the rerouting stuff is only enabled when #ifdef WINCACHE_TEST, so it isn't enabled on the bits that are available from SourceForge.  You'd have to pull down the source and build it for yourself if you wanted this enabled.

    I'm investigating if this was always the case, or if I broke this during the massive PHP 5.4 "interned strings" push.  I've tried just moving the rerout.ini setting out of #ifdef WINCACHE_TEST, and I can say the functionality is *clearly* broken on PHP 5.5.  When trying to fixup the opcode, wincache AVs becase the zend_op doesn't use op2 for ZEND_DO_FCALL on PHP 5.5.  So, this may have been broken for a while...

    If I can get this working and moderately tested, I'll ask you to pick up a private and verify it works in your environment.

    I'm assuming you're on PHP 5.5.x, is this correct?