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    Re: IIS 7.5 adding 'Document Moved' content when 'Location' header is present

    Jun 02, 2014 11:37 AM|DropPhone|LINK


    But it seems, that as soon as we have a Location header, IIS adds a 'Document Moved' section to the content.

    Just to confirm, the 201 status response is returned to the client, yes?

    If the correct response status code is coming back, but you just have a problem with the HTML, you might try configuring PHP to go through the ISAPI FastCGI interface, instead of the native CGI handler.  See: (yes, it says IIS 6.0, but the config will still work on IIS 7+).  You'll need to disable the native FastCGI handler mapping after you've configured the ISAPI FastCGI handler.

    There are some known behavior differences between the ISAPI FastCGI handler, and the native IIS7+ FastCGI handler.  There have been similar reports where the ISAPI one behaves differently in the case of the Location: header.