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    Re: HTTP 500 errors with Wincache 1.3.4

    May 02, 2014 04:19 PM|DropPhone|LINK

    reFX Mike

    Did you disable the op-code cache for WinCache? It sounds to me, since you can live with WinCache being switched off, that you're not actually using the user-cache, but rather want the speed improvements the op-code cache provides. In that case, simply enable the op-code cache bundled with PHP 5.5.

    Excellent point!  Yes, by default, the PHP 5.5 version of WinCache ships with the opcache disabled, and we encourage folks to use the Zend Opcache instead.  See: http://forums.iis.net/post/2056593.aspx for more info about setting up the Zend Opcache in PHP 5.5.

    The user & session caching portions of Wincache should be relatively stable.  We're still looking to improve, so if you do get crash dumps, please let me know!