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  • Re: Locking Up / Not Responding / 500 Error

    Mar 25, 2014 06:15 PM|laurin1|LINK

    FYI, one of my staff turned me on to these, which I am going to try. The first one will get 32 bit dumps by default.


    ProcDump v6.0

    ProcDump is a command-line utility whose primary purpose is monitoring an application for CPU spikes and generating crash dumps during a spike that an administrator or developer can use to determine the cause of the spike. ProcDump also includes hung window monitoring (using the same definition of a window hang that Windows and Task Manager use), unhandled exception monitoring and can generate dumps based on the values of system performance counters. It also can serve as a general process dump utility that you can embed in other scripts.


    PZenDump: Create Memory Dumps For Multiple Processes In Batch