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  • Re: Web Site is intermittently slow on IIS6.0

    Mar 12, 2014 09:49 PM|yukon|LINK

     Hi SenneVL,

          Thanks for your suggestion.


    make sure to check if the application pool recycled recently when the application is slow.

    Turn off all debugging features (for some parts of the IIS pipeline debuggable requests are handled serially instead of parallel.)

    Monitor all backend resources: how is the disk, RAM, SQL server behaving when there is an issue. Also check your logs for time taken.

    Is the site on SSL/https?

           Application Pool restart is set "1740 min". I turn off all of debugging. SQL is quite ok because i compare with other system but different server. RAM is 6 GB only and memory usage is not so high when i check it on task manager.  Every day need to restart more than 3 times.Frown

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