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    Re: Locking Up / Not Responding / 500 Error

    Mar 07, 2014 02:28 AM|DropPhone|LINK

    Okay, I've written a torture test for wincache_ucache_set/wincache_ucache_get.  I won't post the php code here (it's trivial really), but let's just say populated the cache with 100,000 entries, and I have ~400 php.exe processes hammering on those entries.   They are definitely going cross-process, shared memory.  I've been able to drive the CPU on the box above 97%.  So far, no failures, no AVs.

    Remembering your need to have things expire, I am also setting the elements up with a 120 second expiry.  Even with things getting purged out of the cache, I still haven't hit a problem.

    I'll devise more brutal tests to see if I can trip up the cross-process shared memory locking system.