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  • Continue Supporting Classic ASP Indefinitely

    Nov 21, 2013 11:27 AM|ClassicASPdotCom|LINK

    I've heard a lot of rumors about Classic ASP being one day being unsupported entirely in IIS sometime in the next decade.

    My feedback:  keep supporting it.

    I realize that its old and its DLL is written in VB6 which is also old,  and there's plenty to complain about in regards to lack of updates. But there's still demand to use for it on the world wide web that isn't fading off as fast as you might think.

    I like to gauge the level of continued-usage by looking to Google. You can search for filetypes and get a count for each like so:


    Near the top of the page it gives you a count for the number of results returned. So today I decided to compare the number returned for various common file types found in search results. Here are the results that were returned:

    Google Search Count Returned
    About 9,030,000,000 results
    About 1,340,000,000 results
    About 1,830,000,000 results
    About 434,000,000 results
    About 315,000,000 results
    About 75,000,000 results
    About 118,000,000 results
    About 14,500,000,000 results
    About 738,000,000 results

    If we use these numbers as an indicator for popularity, clearly Classic ASP's level is nowhere near that of the mighty PHP. However, its not terribly far behind that of ASP.NET either. And it seems certianly more popular than some of the others shown. So my argument is: why throw away something that works and is still being used? Seems an awful waste.

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