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  • question: Is initializationPage value limited to calling localhost only?

    May 10, 2013 12:32 AM|carehart|LINK

    Has anyone else noticed that with the App Init feature, the InitializationPage URL is only ever called on localhost? You can't change it to list any other domain or host-header. It always creates the URL as http://localhost plus whatever is in the initpage value.

    That's just really debilitating if you need the feature to call a page in some other site within the IIS server.

    For more details, see a forum thread I had opened last week with the same question above (but a slightly different subject). I realized only tonight that that there was this forum specific to the App Init feature. That forum thread is:

    And this other question from another writer late last year (in this forum) seems to be reflecting the same problem, though worded differently:

    Anyone with thoughts? I fear that no one's noticed this problem because most just have been testing/demo'ing the feature, and using localhost was good enough. Add to it the fact that some would have a hard time ever noticing what URL is generated, and it's all the more apparent to my why few have complained of this--and that perhaps many complaining "it doesn't work" are just suffering from this very problem.