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  • Re: Install FastCGI IIS7 without internet

    Apr 24, 2013 03:58 AM|blegarrec|LINK

    I test differents things, and i note the answer "The software that you obtain using the Web Platform Installer Command Line Tool os licensed to you by it's owner. Microsoft grants you no rights for third party software." is not the problem. The problem is "Unexpected exception occured. InternetOpenUrl returned 0x80072EE7: Unkown error 12007." . Because i have test to download Web Platform Installer 4.5 with internet, and install it with internet. After installing, i deconnect my pc, and then, i can use command line with webpicmd (and the message about the third party software still here, so it's not the problem).
    To conclude, that's what i think, i just can't install Web Platform Installer without internet... Your link was a good thing, because there is some elements i need, but not in the totality Frown