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  • Re: Install FastCGI IIS7 without internet

    Apr 23, 2013 09:58 AM|blegarrec|LINK

    Hi fredcumbee, thanks for your answers. But i saw your links before i posted this thread.

    I explain my problem :
    I have to make an installation FastCGI / Php 5.4 for users. Some users have Windows XP (no problem for that), and some users have Windows 7 (that's the problem). With Windows XP, we have 'fcgisetup_1.5_rtw_x86.msi' ( FastCGI 1.5 for IIS x86), and with this, you double click, and FastCGI install, and we just have to configure the IIS after. But with windows 7, we have only FastCGI for IIS (in the same link), but you have to download 'Microsoft Web Platform' to use the it, and we can't do that without internet.

    Sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand what i want,

    Thanks for help,

    B. Le Garrec