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  • Re: php-cgi.exe hanging webserver - CPU between 0 (idle) to 20% usage..

    Apr 23, 2013 03:46 AM|angrywarrior|LINK

    Thank you for your suggestions!! Laughing

    Pengzhen Song - MSFT

    I think you should try using fastcgi

    My bad though - I'm sorry that I forgot and did not include this in the thread but the server is already using fastcgi. I have used the Microsoft web platform installer to install php (also WordPress) php.

    I'm trying to play around with the recycling of threads right now in IIS and in fastcgi.ini file to find a solution, since the cgi process hangs. So my idea is that if you get it to shutdown and recycle the processes the web server should not be handing anymore. 

    Any feedback/ideas to my approach? (like is it the right way to handle the issue? - what could be the best settings)