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  • Using Application Initialization for warming up WCF service

    Mar 19, 2013 08:37 AM|tamarel|LINK


    We are currently using AppFabric Auto-Start feature for warming up applications that contain WCF web services.

    Since this is the only AppFabric feature we are using and we are upgrading to IIS  8.0, we would like to use the Application Initialization instead.

    1) Would be happy to know if there are any known differences between these solutions.

    2) I was able to set up initialization for the example project: But when I set the same settings for my WCF service there is no warmup. I think this is because the warmup is done by issuing a request to http://localhost/MyService/ and this doesn't actually reach the service. I need the warmup request to be done to http://localhost/MyService/Service.svc - is there a way to configure this?