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  • Re: DLL update in bin folder acting as if it didn't happen? Temp files?

    Jan 24, 2013 08:25 AM|BitShift|LINK

    I had setup a local folder to publish to, mapped this folder to an .net wrb application within IIS7 running on my local Win7 workstation.  When doing a build then publish or simply publish, to this local folder and testing the application locally, the changes were as they should be. 

    However, when copying this same dll to an applicaiton folder on a test server (running IIS6), then testing the application, the changes did not seem to be there.

    Only after making a few edits to the dll, doing a rebuild and then copyin gthe dll over, did my updates seem to take effect.  I dont know where the problem really was however, either with IIS6, or the temporary asp files/ cache or somewhere else.  Ive read other reports of similar strange things happening when doing a web publish, as the copies of some files on the server are seen as newer and they dont get copied over.  However, in my case I was first publishing to a local folder, then copying them over locally.