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  • DLL update in bin folder acting as if it didn't happen? Temp files?

    Jan 22, 2013 09:34 AM|BitShift|LINK

    [ yesterday]

    Iv'e been using IIS and for several years now, and this one stumped me.  I built some simple changes in a website (vs 2010) and the single assembly for the website works fine when built to a folder that my local IIS (v 7) is mapped to.  This works fine, but when I copied the same dll to a folder on a test server (running IIS6 with .net 4.0), the app domain SHOULD have refreshed since the dll SHOULD have been seen as different, correct?

    After several iterations of build, recycle the app pool, cleaning the temp files, copying over the dll, test the site, rinse and repeat....the dll changes FINALLY showed themselves.  What gives?

    I dont recally having this much trouble with deploying changes to IIS6 in the past.  

    This morning, after going through a few more iterations, I think I know what my problem was. I need to do a VIsual Studio REBUILD, not just BUILD.  One clue all along that my app domain was infact restarting, was that I would have to re-login to the app because the session had been terminated.  So after all my headaches, it was something as simple as this.  Everytime I do a make changes, do a rebuild (not just build), and then copy over the dll, the changes show up correctly on the IIS6 box.  Ok, so now Im still wondering why this wasnt a problem with my local instance of IIS7....hmmm