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  • Re: File locks/Drupal

    Mar 01, 2012 01:22 PM|echoDreamz|LINK

     But you just said you couldn't? So which is it? Can't or don't want to, or too lazy too? The Pontiac G6 is not made anymore, but it is an extremely popular car, so GM keeps making parts for it...

    I could see a few years down the road, but Wincache is new, and PHP 5.2 just recently went dark on development, its not like PHP 4 and many many years out of support.

    This is EXACTLY why we completely dropped Microsoft products and went to Linux. APC is a stable solution and works very well, and has dedicated developers. Microsoft has no stability with products that don't earn them money (which I understand), but if you are going to go through with it a make a product, and advertise it, and market it, why stop supporting it? Why stop development on it? This project (and the WebsitePanel) project just magically kill developers, "going on vacations" that never end, "moving to other projects" and other excuses. You cannot make a product, gear it towards business use, and then just say eh and leave it.