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  • Re: Problem with dbFullSql

    Feb 19, 2012 05:20 PM|shanedhorlock|LINK

    I did gat a backup downloaded of my database before I terminated the Netcetera hosting agreement.

    However, I have edited the three bits of the database DML and DDL script that referred to the old hosting account to refer instead to the new hosting account.

    I am trying to get the SQL Server Management Studio tool to connect to the new Hosting Service database. I'm finding the three tabs to connect the object explorer to the remote database to be a bit difficult - even though all of the information required has been provided to webmatrix and that works for the database connection test.

    I have asked my hosting provider for guidance on connecting the management studio, so I expect I will get there.

    Once connected I hope to be able to run my modified script and essentially do what webmatrix would have done if I could have modified its publication script on the fly.

    From reading blogs on the subject, I suspect a restore or FTP copy of the database to the new hosting service would lead to potential problems. There is nothing to guarantee that internal user id reference numbers would be identical in the two databases for example. Some blogs think possible collation differences may occur too.

    Regards, Shane