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  • Re: File locks/Drupal

    Nov 18, 2011 06:06 AM|echoDreamz|LINK

    Kudos laurin1 for being able to handle this :). The project was great, but then everyone started disappearing and going on "vacations" or "moving to other projects", now we are left with a nice house with broken foundation and some missing rooms.

    Beyond the file / folder locking issue we have had many instances of "the big man" giving me or another tech guy a call at 3AM in the morning saying our site is down and not loading or responding. Disable wincache and the site loads and runs fine for weeks without issues. Enable it again, and within a day or 2 once again, frantic calls saying "site isn't loading again".

    We have completely moved off the Wincache / IIS platform onto FreeBSD / Apache with APC, site has been running for 3 weeks and 4 days now without a single restart, or panic call from my boss.

    It is sad that a multi-billion dollar company cannot devote the time and resources into its projects that it does, but a bunch of dudes *living in their mom's basement* can create stable and efficient systems. There is no excuse here. Microsoft simply created SQLSRV and Wincache extensions to "gain hype for Server 2008 and IIS 7", now that its over, and Server 2008 is "old news" they are dumping their projects, while the SQL Server extension for PHP still shows growth, the Wincache project is dead as a cat on a freeway.

    The one thing we have learned from working with Microsoft products is that if there is no money to made, or they get no $$$ from it, they wont work on it, or support it. Wincache looked promising, the performance of PHP on Windows was looking great, but Microsoft simply does not care, it's not .Net, who cares.