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  • Re: IIS Express - How to enable IIS6 compatibility

    Oct 17, 2011 05:58 PM|PKRoma|LINK

    Hi Simon Thanks for your response. I couldn't find any free full IIS 7.x download for Windows XP. Could you correct me if I'm wrong? Windows XP ships with a very old IIS, and so the only IIS 7.x version that I found to install in place of the built-in ancient IIS was IIS Express 7.5, and unfortunately at that point I was blocked by not being able to use Python. As far as IIS6 compatibility for IIS Express 7.5 is concerned, is it possible for you to check with the IIS Express guys as to whether it even figures on their future product roadmap? The benefits would be the enabling of the whole Python-based ecosystem on top of IIS, like the IIS Express team did by embracing PHP. At the moment, it seems that people wishing to experiment with Python on Windows XP (in WSGI mode using isapi_wsgi) must be constrained to downloading one of the other free web server choices like Apache or nginx, and not the Microsoft-provided IIS. Thanks for your help Peter