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  • Re: Difficulties using Log Parser lizard to generate various output formats

    Jun 20, 2011 07:54 AM|lizardlabs|LINK

    Hi. There was one weird bug in v.2.0.0 regarding exporting Logparser data (selected output format in export dialog box was not processed correctly). It is now fixed in v2.0.1. Please download the latest version from www.lizard-labs.net web site. I'm sorry for any inconveniences caused by this.

    Also thanks for the long list of suggestions. Some of them are good and we will consider their implementation in the future versions of the product.

    Since you do not need LPL for analyzing data just to import the logs into SQL Server, I think that your best and most flexible solution is to code your own small .Net application to parse and export log4net logs to SQL server tables. I don't know about your programming experience but it will not take to long to do this.

    Best regards.


    P.S. previous version of the post said something that I'm from Macedonia and therefore we are not reliable?!?!? The text is now edited and the sentence is removed from the text, but I found it very offensive. Republic of Macedonia is a small and beautiful democratic country in Eastern Europe that many western companies found reliable partners in it. I invite everyone to come and visit us :)

    P.P.S. Recently I wrote on Facebook Developers Forum something like "Hey guys, now you can use Log Parser Lizard to test your Facebook Query Language (FQL) queries" and I was banned from the forum as a spammer(?!?). Maybe this is related too that I'm from Macedonia and people don't trust us? (This is rhetorical question so I don't want to start discussion over it. If moderators found it inappropriate I will edit the post and remove off-topics)

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