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  • Re: Wildcard host header support

    Jun 06, 2011 12:30 PM|garyalfred|LINK

    I am another user who would like to see this simple feature prioritized for the next release. The company I work for provides customer portals for ~15 million people spread across ~700 companies. Each company that receives a portal does so through one of multiple resellers. Each reseller may have their own domain and the resold companies get a sub-domain under their reseller's domain name (e.g. It would greatly simplify the administration of our web servers to be able to add a single host entry for each reseller domain (e.g. * as we are currently adding around 40 to 50 companies per month. This one feature could save us over $1000 in labor per year and more importantly make the lives of a small team of people that much sweeter. I could not find a MS Product Feedback directory dedicated to IIS but I'll keep looking around for a place to make a formal feature request. Sincerely, Gary