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  • Re: Unlock your iis7-aspnet performance

    Feb 19, 2011 09:14 PM|lextm|LINK

    I quote that chapter simply to emphasize a fact, that Server GC should be used for your production environment.

    I don't doubt that "the quality of your code was increased" or "you applied everything that article suggests". But I must confess the GC oriented optimization does not come easy, unless you have a deep enough understanding of GC/heaps runtime footprint well enough to identify the cause of the slowness. Even a long time .NET developer may feel difficult to identify or resolve such issues.

    The chapter 6 shows sometimes you can switch to Workstation GC, but IMHO that's only a dirty workaround (in case you cannot identify the root cause, this workaround at least makes you happy).

    I won't comment more, as it seems that you are very happy with the workaround. You can use it as far as nothing breaks any more. To summarize,

    1. .NET coding is not that simple. Playing nicely with the GC requires a lot of efforts.

    2. To debug GC related performance issues, you need special expertise, and sometimes involving Microsoft support via is a quicker way.

    3. It is not wrong to apply any workarounds mentioned by Microsoft articles, but make sure you understand the recommended ways.


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