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  • Re: IIS express requests take 4 times longer to execute

    Jan 25, 2011 05:54 PM|tuvsnyder|LINK

    Well my mistake i guess..I read this

    Today we are also shipping IIS Express 7.5. IIS Express is a free version of IIS 7.5 that is optimized for developer scenarios. It works for both ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC project types.
    We think IIS Express combines the ease of use of the ASP.NET Web Server (aka Cassini) currently built-into Visual Studio today with the full power of IIS. Specifically:
    •It’s lightweight and easy to install (less than 5Mb download and a quick install)
    •It does not require an administrator account to run/debug applications from Visual Studio
    •It enables a full web-server feature set<– including SSL, URL Rewrite, and other IIS 7.x modules

    IIS Express (like the ASP.NET Development Server) can be quickly launched to run a site from a directory on disk. It does not require any registration/configuration steps. This makes it really easy to launch and run for development scenarios. You can also optionally redistribute IIS Express with your own applications if you want a lightweight web-server. The standard IIS Express EULA now includes redistributable rights

    OK so that being said can anyone help me attempt to optimize IIS express so requests only take twice as long as IIS. Such as disabling the extra traces in the command window. Anyone??