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  • IIS express requests take 4 times longer to execute

    Jan 25, 2011 03:27 PM|tuvsnyder|LINK

    Found that  IIS express requests take 4 times longer to execute!

    I have uploaded the WCAT results run on windows 7, same script,  to config and iis express were both modified for 5000 requests max. Both are running under integrated CLR 2.0 app pool running the same exact application with debug set to false


    1.IIS Express has slighter higher requests per second, and total transactions served than normal IIS.

    2.IIS Express is executing up to 100 requests at a time, while normal IIS on windows 7 is limited to 10 as designed.

    3.IIS express is using 30% higher cpu, probably because of additional requests it handles at a time. 4.But on average Express requests take much longer to complete..up to 4 times longer. see Request Execution Time performance counter and time analysis (first and last byte).

    Express is only able to beat IIS in total requests served because it can handle more requests at a time!


    1.Could the fact that IIS express is printing each request to command line window even with trace set none be slowing it down. (any way to stop this?!)
    2.I also noticed a lot of additional modules registered in IIS express applicationhost.config that are not in IIS applicationhost.config. Could then extra debugging/tracing modules be causing the problem.
    3. I notice IIS express does not have FileCache and HTTPCache modules. Could that be why?

    I'm hoping experts can clarify how these results are possible if IIS express is not limited or intentionally crippled. I was hoping to use IIS express as my personal web server, but now see that I'm betting sticking with IIS that comes with Windows.

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